Outsource CFO and Controllership

Accounting is our business. We’re experts. Let us focus on your accounting while you focus on what is important to your business. We serve businesses in which the high level personnel are being pulled away from the core business, or the financial functions are simply not being handled well or at all.

Tax Accountants

Does your business have any of these needs?

  • Better oversight and internal controls
  • Timely, clear, and reliable financial reporting
  • Need for controller or CFO-level knowledge
  • Expert help to keep up with constantly changing compliance issues
  • Budgeting and forecasting for short- and long-term cash flow

For over twenty years The Mangold Group has specialized in outsource CFO and controllership services customized for businesses in their respective industries and particular needs. We have experienced professional staff, established processes proven to be effective, and the capacity to grow with our clients. Each client is assigned to a CPA to manage the client relationship with the support of staff accountants. Clients see our staff as expert advisors in all their financial matters.

Examples of services provided included:

  • Examine bookkeeper’s records and make adjustments to properly reflect income in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and close books for the period-end
  • Examine client-prepared bank and credit card account reconciliations
  • Track fixed asset and depreciation schedules
  • Perform inventory analysis
  • Prepare year-end or interim financial statements
  • QuickBooks hosting
  • QuickBooks Assisted Payroll or AmCheck Payroll HR/Benefits to handle payroll, payroll tax filings and W2s. Click Payroll Services for more information.
  • Assistance in the selection, oversight, and training of in-house or independent bookkeeping staff
  • Management Advisory Services
  • See the full menu of services we provide – we will tailor our services to match your needs

QuickBooks Hosting

The Mangold Group has invested in remote technology to effectively serve its clients. The benefits are as follows:

  • Clients authorized users log into their QuickBooks file via our secure datacenter with simply a high-speed Internet connection. The technology solves the problem of multiple users needing to access their QuickBooks from different computers at multiple locations of office, home, or travel.
  • Allows for efficiency in The Mangold Group staff serving its clients – By working in the same QuickBooks file, we eliminate sending backup files back and forth or the accountant traveling to the client’s site. Cloud Accounting allows The Mangold Group to serve the most remote of clients.
  • Datacenter provides higher levels of security and fewer Internet connection issues than small and medium size businesses otherwise have.
  • Data recovery – The files are automatically backed up twice a day. When a client’s computer or QuickBooks file is damaged or lost, The Mangold Group can send a full backup of the QB file to the business owner.

With a signed hosting engagement, we set up the hosting service with a full backup, not an accountant’s edition, of the client’s QuickBooks file on our secure datacenter and send the client the remote password protected login instructions.

QuickBooks Training

Our firm provides QuickBooks training either at our office or by remote sessions. While certified QuickBooks trainers, in general, have varied degrees of accounting expertise, our firm offers training by a CPA with a structured agenda customized for the user in his QuickBooks file. When clients have QuickBooks questions, we can shadow a client to demonstrate procedures in the client’s QuickBooks file. Visit our QuickBooks Training page for more information »