Payroll Services

The Mangold Group, CPAs, PC recommends Intuit QuickBooks Assisted Payroll Service to businesses using QuickBooks as the most effective method to handle your entire payroll process.

Intuit, Inc. assumes complete liability for the timeliness and accuracy of the payroll tax filings based upon the data you enter.

After you submit the payroll, Intuit will automatically withdraw the tax deposits and payroll via ACH the day before the pay date from your authorized bank account. Intuit, Inc. will automatically and electronically file the federal and states quarterly and year-end payroll tax returns and send you the W-2s in January.

You have the ability to view the exact amount of the payroll tax deposits and total payroll before you submit the payroll.

The payroll data is still in the QuickBooks accounting records in the detail you need.
You will be required to submit your payroll data two business days prior to your desired pay date and must accommodate for bank holidays. You may submit the payroll up to 45 days in advance.

Upon request our firm can set up QuickBooks Assisted Payroll and train you to enter the payroll. Upon request we will provide a fee quote. We do not provide training on calculating or submitting payroll tax deposits or returns. For our clients whom we provide other accounting and tax services, we offer the option of The Mangold Group staff submitting the payroll to Intuit each pay period.

QuickBooks Assisted Payroll will assess its payroll tax processing fees by an ACH debit to your bank account. The Intuit QuickBooks Assisted Payroll fees to handle the payroll taxes are competitive among other payroll services. In addition, Intuit provides our clients discounted rates. The fee schedule effective April 2015 with discounts given to our clients is below.

  • Monthly fee of $79 first year (20% discount) and then $99. Includes one state.
  • $2 per employee per payroll;
  • Direct deposit included
  • Plus $12 per month per additional state tax filing after the first state, if applicable
  • Annual fee for W2s – $40, plus $4.25 per W2 to have W2s mailed to employees. Self Print W2s – No Charge
  • Setup fee is waived for The Mangold Group clients
  • Applicable sales tax will be added.

To request assistance, please contact, 512-327-0909, ext. 212.