16 04, 2019

4 Key Metrics to Fortify Your Business

Even the best, well-prepared business plans can unravel quickly without a process in place to evaluate performance. Creating a scorecard with quality metrics can give you the daily insight you need to successfully run a business without drowning in the details. Create a scorecard that works An effective scorecard gives you a holistic view

11 04, 2019

Owe Taxes? Make Payment Arrangements Now!

If you owe taxes on your 2018 tax return, the due date to make the payment is Monday, April 15. Miss this deadline by just one day and the IRS will charge you interest and penalties! Don't risk adding unnecessary dollars to your tax bill. Review the payment options below and make a plan

4 04, 2019

Where’s My Refund?

The popular “Where’s My Refund” feature on the IRS website allows you to see the status of your refund after filing your income tax return. What you should know 1. Refunds of e-filed returns usually take 10 to 21 days to process. Paper returns take longer than e-filed returns. The IRS states that 90

4 04, 2019

Tax Scam Alert! Defend Yourself Now

Now is the time for tax fraud and theft. As the IRS continues to neutralize these threats, scammers are developing improved tactics to steal your identity and tax refund. Here is a recap of what the IRS is seeing this year: * More sophisticated email scams. A recent IRS alert warns taxpayers to be

20 03, 2019

Save Those Receipts! These tips are money in your pocket.

When it comes to taking qualified deductions on your tax return, having proper documentation to prove your expense is a must. Here are some typical areas that taxpayers often fall short, costing them plenty during tax filing season and during IRS audits: 1. Cash donations to charity. To deduct and support your donation to

20 03, 2019

Do You Need to File a Tax Return? ….. Getting this wrong can cost you

One of the more common tax questions is whether you need to file a federal tax return this year. The answer is: it depends. But not filing a tax return when you should can cost you plenty. Here are some quick tips to help you determine your answer. Income thresholds matter If your gross

21 02, 2019

5 Reasons Why the IRS Will Audit You

Each year, the IRS audits over 1 million tax returns. With agency resources shrinking, the IRS is more selective when choosing tax returns to audit. Knowing what the IRS is looking for can help you understand and reduce your audit risk. Here are five of the biggest reasons the IRS may choose to audit